Saturday, December 21, 2013

East Crock Pot Peanut Clusters

Start to Finish: 1 hour 15 minutes
1- 12 oz. bag white chocolate chips
1- 12 oz. bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 Lb. white chocolate almond bark (or 8 2-oz. cubes)
2 (1 Lb.) jars peanuts (lightly salted)
1) Combine all ingredients in a large crock pot on LOW heat for 1 hour, stirring once half-way through.
2) Using a spoon, scoop clumps of peanut mixture on to wax paper and allow to cool to room temperature.
3) You may refrigerate or freeze them... just be sure to serve at room temperature for the best texture.
4) If you want to make a decorative topping just melt some white chocolate chips or vanilla melts and drizzle over the top!
Variations: I think variations would probably be any different designs you would want on the top. Caramel added into it would probably be delicious as well.
Notes:  I made this for plates for Christmas and it is yummy. Very easy to make. Just throw the ingredients in the crock pot and stir once.
Servings: 48
Estimated Cost: $16.00

Nutrition Facts per serving: 232 cal., 15.7 g total fat (3.7 g sat. fat), 60 mg sodium, 27.1 carbo., 6.5 g pro. 1.8 g Fiber Daily Values: 0% vit. A, 1% vit. C, 3% calcium, 6% iron